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Transport Support are the UK’s leading supplier of after-market Inclinometer Systems for off-highway mobile plant, specifically designed to reduce vehicle overturning and prevent unnecessary and costly accidents.  Having been in business for almost twenty years, they are now recognised as a market leader in road transport safety and have a worldwide customer base across many different industries.

Our Approach

The TS Inclinometer is recognized as a vital piece of safety equipment used by the UK’s leading aggregate suppliers across a wide range of machinery.  Using our experience of auto-braking, Ogden Safety Systems saw an opportunity to collaborate with Transport Support to develop a system which adds a Skip-Stop function to the existing warning sounder.

“When we were first approached by Ogden Safety Systems, we knew this would be a product which would be an excellent addition to our existing system and allow us to provide an extra level of safety to our customers. Knowing the Ogden Safety Systems history of working in this field we were confident that they could deliver on the initial proposal and we have been delighted with the uptake of the product since it’s gone to market” - Kris Cunliffe, Sales Manager


The TS Inclinometer is designed to measure the angle of the chassis when raising the body of a machine.  Working closely with Transport Support we developed a system which applies an automatic stop function along with the inclinometer’s built in alarm.  Using the added skip-stop function, if the body reaches a specified angle which will trigger the alarm, the only option given to the operator is to lower it again, bringing the centre of gravity back to the lowest possible point.  The operator must then move the machine to a more level location before tipping again.  Following lengthy and successful product testing this product was brought to the ADT market for retail by both Transport Support and Ogden Safety Systems and has since been widely installed as both new and retro-fit installations for some of the largest quarrying companies in the UK.

The Skip-Stop function is designed to be used alongside the TS Inclinometer across a wide range of machinery and can be set to any bespoke angle detection zone, making it an excellent addition to any current safety standard.

Since the development of this product, Transport Support and Ogden Safety Systems have continued to work closely together, not only on product development and sales, but also on installation of both types of Inclinometer system.