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The Breedon Group comprises of Breedon Aggregates and Breedon Cement in the UK, Whitemountain in Northern Ireland and Lagan Asphalt in the Republic of Ireland.  They are the UK’s largest independent construction materials supplier, supplying a wide range of products including aggregates, asphalt, cement and roof tiles across 300 sites in the UK and Ireland.  The Breedon Group has a focused and continued commitment to health and safety in all aspects of their operations.

Our Approach

The Breedon Group uses VMS as a minimum safety standard for all loading shovels.  As they continued to expand gaining assets and operations, many newly acquired locations were found to have mobile plant below this safety standard, risking their impeccable safety record.  To resolve this the company invested in a large-scale retro fitting installation programme to be implemented across a wide range of mobile plant.

“Breedon as a group have made a substantial investment to implement the Ogden Safety Systems VMS across our fleet and we are now seeing the benefits of that investment as our loading shovel operations are significantly safer. The Ogden team have provided an excellent service throughout the process from initial proposal through to implementation”- Bob Robinson, Health & Safety Manager, Breedon Group


For the past four years Ogden Safety Systems have been carrying out this programme of retro-fitting VMS and IWS, bringing their entire fleet of loading shovels and dump trucks up to the high standard of safety which Breedon require.  These installations have been carried out across all the divisions and locations Breedon operate at in the UK and Ireland.  Liaising closely with both the operations and health and safety management team at Breedon, we have ensured that all works carried out have met site specific requirements and deadlines.  Breedon Group are committed to maintaining a high standard of safety and we continue to work closely with them on a series of after sales support measures which help maintain the safety equipment at peak level as well as reduce potentially costly machine downtime.