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Lochaber Aluminium Smelter is Britain’s only plant of its kind and also includes the largest hydro-electric power station in the UK.  The smelter has been operating on site since 1929 and currently produces 40,000 tonnes of aluminium each year.

Our Approach

We were contacted by Lochaber Smelter regarding a VMS system installed on a Volvo L70C, which has been in operation since approximately 1995 with no reported issues.  The system had only recently developed an operational fault and following an assessment by our engineers it became clear that improvements made to the VMS / machine integration by Ogden Safety Systems over the years, meant a full upgrade of the electrical components would be required.  We were able to successfully resolve the issue in this manner, while still utilizing the existing hydraulic system, saving the customer additional unnecessary expense.

“We have always found the VMS auto-braking system a useful safety feature on our loading shovel and it has prevented a number of potential incidents over its many years of operation. We had no doubt about upgrading the system to the new specification in order for it to continue providing vital safety assistance”