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In the begining

In 1980 The Ogden Group was approached by the Department of Trade and Industry who asked if we would talk to an engineer/inventor based in the North East of England.  This man had apparently developed a radar based system which applied the brakes to large dump trunks when the radar detected an imminent collision with people or machines.

The product we saw was in the very earliest stage of development and suffered from the problem experienced by most present day radar based systems – false alarms.

After an initial joint venture The Ogden Group purchased 100% control of the business and set out to resolve the technical problems necessary to bring the product to market.


By the mid 1980’s this was achieved and since then the radar has been constantly improved and developed. 

Our electronic and software engineers have now achieved the most sophisticated and reliable reverse warning/braking system available on the market today.

This development has not stopped and new versions of our radar continue to be produced which enable us to offer an increasing variety of products to existing and new markets.

For the last 30 years our Auto Braking radars have been fitted to our customers’ plant by Towny Branford Ltd.  In order to secure our future and to assist in our planned expansion at home and abroad, The Ogden Group purchased 100% of the shares in Towney Branford Ltd in 2019.  Our intention is to expand this business and merge it with Ogden Safety Systems Ltd over the next two years.

To facilitate this merger and expansion we are building a new Headquarter facility for the combined business located just off the M62 in West Yorkshire.  We anticipate being in occupation in late 2021.

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