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The Auto-Stop is an adaption of our VMS system specifically designed to suit the majority of on highway vehicles. The system incorporates an in-cab display module which alerts the driver audibly and visually to approaching hazards. Whereas VMS has been developed for off highway machines with brakes operated by stored hydraulic energy and manual selection of the detection pattern, Auto-Stop has been developed to apply the emergency brake.

The Auto-Stop detection area is split into 3 zones, inner, intermediate and outer, all of which are highly customisable. When the audible alarm of the two most outer ranges are ignored a third inner detection zone will automatically apply the vehicles brakes’.
When considering an auto braking system of this kind the biggest concern is always false alarms frustrating the operator and affecting efficiency. Ogden Safety Systems is the pioneer in this technology with 40 years of experience and an installed base that has accumulated over 30 million machine hours.

Ogden Safety Systems has developed a unique safety system that can be seamlessly integrated into almost any working environment and removed false and unnecessary alerts.

Key Features

  • Market leading radar using FMCW technology.

  • Provides an unrivalled level of hazard detection and accident avoidance.

  • Highly adjustable parameters to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Built in direction and distance sensing technology.

  • Incorporates an over-ride sequence which enables the driver to manoeuvre within confined areas whilst still being made aware of potential hazards.

  • Can be installed for forward or reversing detection.

  • Auto brake activations can be monitored via the Brake Logic Box for review.

  • Unique and unparalleled level of after sales support from our technical department and team of in house field engineers.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments.

  • 3 year Warranty.