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The ultimate Ogden VMS radar system

First designed and installed in the early 1980’s for the open cast coal industry, VMS has undergone continuous improvement to remain at the forefront of short range radar and digital control system development. The current radar uses multiple, carefully designed beams to create detection patterns ideally suited to each application with zones for two stages of warning and a closer zone triggering automatic braking.

VMS recognises objects that have entered into the detection zones whereupon the driver is given two warnings from the in-cab audible and visual alarms that increase with intensity the closer the object gets to the machine thereby giving the driver time to avoid the hazard. If the driver fails to react the system will automatically apply the brakes bringing the machine to a controlled stop. After VMS has been triggered, a manual override button can be used which allows additional manoeuvres to be undertaken.

Our Brake Logic Box logs all range changes, brake activations, manual overrides and faults and therefore enables investigation of an incident to assess the cause.


  • Intelligent auto-braking.

  • Market leading radar using FMCW technology.

  • Provides an unrivalled level of hazard detection and accident avoidance.

  • Highly adjustable parameters to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Built-in direction and distance sensing technology.

  • Incorporates an override sequence which enables the driver to manoeuvre within confined areas whilst still being made aware of potential hazards.

  • Can be installed for forward or reversing detection.

  • Analysis of auto-brake activations via the Brake Logic Box.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest environments.

  • 3 year Warranty.

The VMS system allows three detection patterns to be stored in the radar so that the system can switch between them according to the operation. The selection can be made by the driver using the cab display unit or if the machine ground speed can be obtained from the machine, the selection can be made automatically depending on machine speed.

The VMS control system and the brake application techniques have also been continuously developed to interface with all types and makes of machine.

In modern industry, health and safety is a major concern and when managing mobile plant machines working within hazardous areas the Ogden VMS Auto-Stop system is the ultimate line of defence. It’s unrivalled accuracy, in house development, technical and on-site support make adopting the VMS system the obvious choice.

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