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Why choose Ogden Safety Systems?

Ogden Safety Systems has 40 years’ experience of safely and effectively using Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar for auto braking anti-collision systems on a wide variety of vehicles both off road and on highway. FMCW is a technique used for measuring distances in short range radars and is now the preferred technique for anti-collision radars in automotive applications.

We design and manufacture the radar and all peripherals. We do not buy in a sensor from a third party. This means we have the expertise to get the best possible performance from the technology for the customer and are in total control to adapt to their specific requirements.

We have accumulated over 17,000,000 machine hours experience with auto braking systems without any reports of the system compromising any part of the host machine. We also have a further 30,000,000 hours experience with the radar in warning only applications

An auto-braking system is only as good as the radar used to trigger it.

The Ogden Radar

We have developed our radar to achieve the high level of performance, repeatability and reliability required for auto-braking applications.

It has been designed to be robust and has a proven track record of operating in the harshest of environments, from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of the Middle East.

False or unwanted alarms cannot be tolerated on an auto-braking system. An inferior sensor can produce false or unwanted alarms. These may be ignored on a warning system, reducing the value of genuine alarms but cannot be ignored on an auto-braking system. No one wants the brakes to be applied unless they should be. For this reason the capabilities of the radar are paramount in the provision of an effective auto-braking system.

Unlike our competitors, we do not use a range and bearing technique to define the detection zone because with the limited bandwidth permitted at our operating frequencies this technique is compromised and may give false alarms or fail to alarm when there is a genuine collision risk. Tracking algorithms added to minimise these failings slow down the response.

Instead, we have taken a different approach and use multiple, carefully designed antennae which allow us to create detection zones, programmable in width and length that are repeatable, consistent and highly responsive (32mS to detection).

We have carefully created these antennae to minimise the difference between a person and a larger/more reflective object.

We can detect moving and static targets if required but the system is normally set to ignore static objects. This is helpful for two reasons. It can ignore static structures e.g. parts of the vehicle within the radar’s field of view making it easier to mount and secondly it allows us to use it in warning only applications without needing to limit the system to operate only in reverse.

The Brake Logic Box (BLB)

Designed to interface with practically any vehicle type for reliable fail safe gear detection, brake application and brake monitoring. In addition, logging functionality is built in.

The BLB is fully programmable with multiple options to tailor the system to the working environment of the vehicle and to customers’ specific requirements.

The BLB can change the detection pattern used by the radar. These changes can be driver selected via the cab display unit or where vehicle speed information is available, this can be done automatically to enable slow manoeuvring with a short detection zone but change to a longer pattern when the machine is moving faster.

The operation of the system has been carefully considered with safety in mind. For example in the event of an auto-braking application, the driver must take control of the vehicle before the brakes are released by the system. Other systems may automatically release braking after a given time, or when their sensor stops detecting, which is unsafe if the driver is not expecting this and has not taken control of the vehicle.

Our Reliability

All of the above allows us to produce the most reliable systems in the market and explains why so many national and international organisations specify our products.

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